Everybody Needs a Friend

Seniors Isolation and Loneliness is a significant problem. The Friendly Visitor program is a support program that matches a Senior Volunteer to a Senior who is isolated or lonely. Volunteers and Seniors can meet over the phone, through Zoom or in-person (subject to the Region of Peel Covid-protocols).

Seniors Centre Without Walls

Through the use of multi-person phone calls, SCWW provides the opportunity for participants to join in on health and wellness seminars, educational lectures, brain-stimulating activities, listen to live musical entertainment, join in on general conversations, and make new and meaningful friendships – all from the comfort of home!

Active Living Programs

We introduce programs to encourage seniors to maintain an integrate life style to fulfill their physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

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Aging Gracefully

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Proudly Supported by Charitable Gaming – Community Good

Proudly Supported by Charitable Gaming – Community Good

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