Friendly Visitor Volunteer – (Age 50+)

Role Description

Description: Reporting to the Volunteer Program Coordinator, volunteers will be responsible for establishing and maintaining regular telephone or in-person contact with assigned senior matches, aged 55+ for the purpose of providing them with company, companionship, and a connection with their community. Friendly Visitor Volunteers will provide a valuable service to many older adults that feel socially isolated or lonely. Volunteers will provide an integral service to encourage seniors to stay active, healthy, and socially engaged within their local communities and assist in reducing the effects of loneliness. Retirees and Seniors welcome to apply!

Time Commitment

  • In-person home visits: 60 minutes on a weekly basis
  • Phone calls: 25-minutes on a weekly basis
  • Minimum 6 months or longer, preferred

For More Information

(905) 457-6055