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I am a first-year student at Sheridan College, currently enrolled in the Social Service Worker Gerontology Program and I secured a placement at Elder Help Peel at the last minute.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity, but I was worried because I wasn’t very knowledgeable about what they do. However, Elder Help Peel turned out to be an excellent setting for me to excel in areas such as effective communication, program development for seniors, confidence building and so much more.

My supervisor is fantastic, and we work collaboratively to achieve our daily goals. My practicum at Elder Help Peel gave me the chance to improve on public speaking, building rapport, interpersonal skills, and proper etiquette. I was also able to attend workshops, interviews, and presentations, all in which I participated which made me feel very included and a part of the Elder Help Peel family. I became more confident in speaking to others and stepping out of my comfort zone.

Also, the skills that I have acquired while at Elder Help Peel was very essential to meeting the objectives of my practicum. I am confident in all that I have learned, and I am ready to transfer these skills as I transition in the profession. My overall experience has been awesome, I only wish that I was able to do my practicum in person!

Amarsha P.

Practicum Student, Social Service Worker Gerontology Program, Sheridan College