Let’s end social isolation affecting our Seniors.

Supporting Seniors of Peel Region since 1998

Seniors Isolation & Loneliness is a significant problem.

The Friendly Visitor program is a support program that matches a Senior Volunteer to a Senior who is isolated or lonely. Volunteers and Seniors can meet over the phone, through Zoom or in-person (subject to the Region of Peel Covid-protocols).

Healthy Living, Aging Well


Enriching the lives of our Peel Seniors, through education and supportive services.

Phone-Based Sessions

Virtual/Zoom Sessions

In-Person Sessions

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How to Take Care of Your Teeth as a Senior

As you age, taking care of your teeth becomes more crucial than ever. While brushing and flossing regularly is a good start, there are other important steps seniors should take to maintain healthy...

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Ageism and Stigma for Older Adults

As we age, we may find ourselves facing a variety of challenges. One such challenge is the stigma and discrimination that are often associated with growing older. Ageism or negative pre-judgments,...

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Retirement Living

Retirement living has become more difficult over the last few decades due to the changing economic environment. Retirees are now facing challenges such as rising healthcare costs and lower...

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